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Washing Machine Youtube

Washing Machine Motor Wiring Basics Washing machine motor wiring basics is a tutorial on how to wire an universal motor to a dc source.The universal motor stands for working on DC and AC.You have an old washing machine dont throw it away yet dismantle it and search for 2 main compo...

Your dinners in the washing machine the designer ...

Next time you load the washing machine, you might be adding some extra ingredients, if Israeli design student Iftach Gazits idea catches on. In response to our increasingly energy-conscious ...

How to Tie Dye in Washing Machine - Practical and

2020-6-13Set your washing machine to hot and let it start filling. Every washing machine is different so make sure it is for sure filling and not draining before you ad your dye. If you are using powder dye, put some soda ash, baking soda or salt into your water. I did about 14 cup of soda ash. Add your dye to the washing machine.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine - Get Green Be

2020-7-47 steps to clean your washing machine. 1. Fill your washing machine with just water no clothes or towels. Put your washing machine on the biggest load possible, at the hottest water possible, for the longest time possible. This makes sure that you are cleaning all parts of your washing machine for as long as possible. 2.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine - Cleaning the

How to Prevent Mildew and Smells in a Washing Machine. Along with cleaning monthly, create a habit out of leaving the machine door ajar or lifting the lid after each use.

Washing Machine Cycles | HowStuffWorks

A washing machine has one or more programs from which you can choose. You should be able to find these described in the owners manual, and they may be referred to as cycles. Each program is a sequence of stages with varied times, speeds and temperatures.

How To Install A Washing Machine - Which

2017-10-30Currys washing machine installation costs. It costs 25 to have Currys install a washing machine purchased from them. Removal and recycling of the old machine is from 20. John Lewis washing machine installation costs. Connection with installation costs 25 for washing machines purchased from John Lewis, and it will also switch it on and ...

Washing Machine Drain Pan Installation |

Next, carefully move your washing machine back into its original spot, taking care to place it over your newly installed drain pan. Again, heavy lifting of this sort should always be done with the help, or at the very least, the supervision of another person.