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Sand Or Gravel Under Concrete Slab

2018-12-9Gravel is especially important in clay soil because it doesnt drain well, which results in water pooling under the concrete slab and slowly eroding the soil as it finally drains. Gravel allows ...

what size gravel under concrete slab -

How much gravel under a slab - tractorbynet. Sep 10, 2002 Figure gravel and sand at or about twenty five hundred pounds a yard I have a bud who has a fleet of trucks hauling sand and gravel Hes told me to figure a ten yard load will cover four inches five hundred square feet Ive heard some of the cities now are getting away from wanting cushion sand under a slab while others still demand it

Gravel under garage floor - GreenBuildingAdvisor

2020-7-7Ive seen that gravel is generally recommended under basement floors, but havent yet been able to locate an article discussing garage floors. In zone 5 SW MI. Planning to use 2 reclaimed XPS under garage floor which is on high ground with sandy soil. Excavator and builder say that floor should be sand, XPS, poly then concrete. If gravel should be above sand, how much

What can be done about voids under concrete

I think it is pretty cool that if there are voids under concrete slabs that it can be fixed. Like sand and gravel for small ones, but what I really like is the big stuff a polyurethane that can penetrate and move the slab into place. That would be cool to see, and I wonder how long it would last.

How to Put Pea Gravel in Concrete | Hunker

Mixing pea gravel or any other type of rock into concrete is a technique known as creating exposed aggregate. Quite simply, this means that when the concrete is dry, the pea gravel is exposed at the surface, thus creating a texture. Combining pea gravel with concrete is an effect most frequently used for driveways, patios and other outdoor ...

Subgrade and Subbase for Concrete Slabs - The

2020-7-7Subgrade and subbase are the foundation of a concrete slab and play critical role in its performance. According to the ACI Code, the subgrade is a compacted and improved natural soil or brought infill whereas subbase is a layer of gravel placed on the top of the subgrade. Both subgrade and subbase shall be constructed

Can I use sand instead of gravel for a concrete slab ...

2009-9-21The new slab has about a 8 to 10 height to it. I know I dont need a concrete thickness of that much so I was going to fill in the middle with about 4 to 5 of gravel. However, I did have sand available and thought about using it instead. From the existing slab there was already an 8 drop until I took the sod out.

Choosing Best Gravel For Concrete Pad - Concrete

2008-1-6Choosing Best Gravel For Concrete Pad ... for concrete deck or slab - prolly should tamp it. Nobody ever does though. If you dont tamp it - at least wait a week or so before you pour. ... Screenings are less expensive than dirty sand I think I paid about 2ton last time and will compact down to something close to concrete. You can drive ...

Pea gravel for interior floor slab support -

2006-6-6Pea gravel is still commonly used under floor slabs and tight places. Floor contractors dont like working with it because it displaces so easily under foot and while placing concrete. Many contractors in the Puget Sound region have opted for clean, crushed rock such as 58.

Gravel or Sand Below a Foundation - Foundation

2007-6-5Saturated sand was dug out and replaced with damp sand, compacted. Footing was shoved back in, at proper grade, wiggled back and forth to seat it, and column re set. All worked out fine. You dont always have to discard compelted work. Oh yes, on the same site, dry sand did flow out from under the foundation of a large air compressor.

Gravel Stone Used For Concrete Garage Base

Gravel Stone Used For Concrete Garage Base. We are a high-end mining machinery manufacturer in Asia. The main production equipment includes crusher, sand making machine, ball mill, Raymond mill, cement equipment and other products.

3 Reasons to Use Crushed Stone Under Concrete

2020-5-8When it comes to building a concrete porch or driveway, simply laying down the slabs is not enough. In fact, the experts at B R Sand Gravel suggest laying down a layer of crushed stone before installing concrete slabs. As Gales Ferry, CTs most trusted gravel suppliers, their team emphasizes using a crushed stone base for the following reasons.


2017-9-27Earth or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs. This standard provides guidance on installing flexible, prefabricated sheet membranes in contact with earth or granular fill used as vapor retarders under concrete slabs. ASTM E1643 references ACI 302.1R Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction which has been superseded by

Sand fill under concrete slab - DoItYourself.com ...

2005-7-13Bricks, Masonry, Cinder Block, Paving Walking Stones, Asphalt and Concrete - Sand fill under concrete slab - Any negatives on backfilling with sand instead of gravel for under a concrete slab

type of sand under slab - Renovate Forum

2012-8-7Simple answer is it doesnt really matter - once the slab is in place the sand can be washed away, its effectively the formwork for the base But as Cherub says most places will do mixed loads so you could save some money by getting the part load of brickies sand which is fatty and the 3m of washed sand or even roadbase for the fill.

what do you use under concrete

We dont use recycled concrete under any concrete floors we install. We use mostly gravel and sometimes the stone. I would also recommend a vapor barrier of 6 mil poly on top of the stone before you pour the concrete. Click here to post comments. Join in and write your own page Its easy to do.

What Size Gravel For Concrete Slab - MC World

Gravel under concrete footing - GreenBuildingAdvisor. Gravel under concrete footing. Timothy Denny ... a gravel pad, XPS insulation and a poly vapor barrier under the poured basement slab XPS will continue around the perimeter of the slab and up interior walls, C a passive radon mitigation system and D both paint-on damp-proofing and a waterproof air-gap sheet on the exterior of the ...

Gravel Stone Size For Concrete Slab - kvlv-liezele.be

slab stone grinding mill beedesign.org. gravel size under concrete slab rock crusher . gravel size under concrete slab xsm is a leading global manufacturer of. crushed stone under concrete tile crusher. vapor barriers have been associated with certain concrete slab on grade a local concrete outfit has a bunch of old concrete and a stone crusher.

gravel size under concrete slab - strzelnica

Jan 10, 2005 Re compacting gravel under a slab I was on the ICC site and someone suggested that I use rebar placed in the slab over block or concrete piers and letins on the foundation wall just in case the gravel

why is it important to have gravel under a concrete

2010-3-24As for ground material, sand is generally for volcanic or earthquake areas due to its ability to move with the ground and stay the same shape as your slab. Gravel on the other hand is used for softer ground surface areas like damp areas and ironically beach lines if you build on sand in a sandy area, too much sand may move from either side of ...

The Recommended Gravel Base for a Concrete

2019-9-26The Recommended Gravel Base for a Concrete Driveway. The strength and durability of a concrete driveway are not only determined by the type of concrete mix but also by

Code Requirements for Concrete Slabs on Grade -

The fill that goes in must be compacted and no more than 24 deep for sand or gravel or 8 deep for earth. In addition, you need a base course of 4 of clean, graded sand, gravel, crushed stone or slag under 2 when the slab is below grade unless the existing soil is exempted by the soils report.

Installing a Concrete Slab the Right Way ...

2020-7-7Holladay says that 1 inch of rigid foam isnt enough under a heated slab, even in Climate Zone 3, where Budesheims house is located. Two inches is the minimum, he says, and more would be better. Dana Dorsett would rather see 3 inches of rigid foam under the slab, and theres something else about the architects proposal that bugs him.

How much gravel under a slab - tractorbynet.com

2002-9-10Figure gravel and sand at or about twenty five hundred pounds a yard. I have a bud who has a fleet of trucks hauling sand and gravel. Hes told me to figure a ten yard load will cover four inches five hundred square feet. Ive heard some of the cities now are getting away from wanting cushion sand under a slab while others still demand it.

Gravel vs Concrete Shed Base | Which Is a Better Choice

Gravel is generally better than concrete for a shed foundation As mentioned above, gravel foundations win out for prefab sheds that come with wooden floors pre-built. If thats the type of shed youre planning to buildbuy, the following reasons explain the benefits of a gravel shed foundation.

Sand under slab - GreenBuildingTalk -

2008-8-14Compacted gravel and a vapor barrier are very important under an indoor concrete slab. The spaces between the compacted gravel will be large enough to stop the upward flow of water by capillary action. Water can flow upward through compacted sand since the spaces are much smaller.

Vapor barriers under concrete slabs - Stego Industries

2017-10-6under concrete slabs. Even though the use of a vapor barrier might be com-mon, the specified location of the va-por barrier varies. Some specifiers re-quire a sand layer or a crushed base over the vapor barrier. Others insist that the vapor barrier be placed direct-ly under the slab. Specifiers must care-fully consider the effect of the location

compacting gravel under a slab - JLC-Online Forums

2004-12-7Re compacting gravel under a slab Tucker With 2 to 3 feet of rock, I fail to see why you need either poly or insulation under the slab, I think I would opt for the oozing and the thickening effect of the waffle bottom, I would think that structurally it turns a 3 12 slab into something more like a 6 or 8 slab from a structural standpoint.

Concrete Floors On Ground | UpCodes

Concrete slab-on-ground floors shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the provisions of this section or ACI 332. Floors shall be a minimum 3 1 2 inches 89 mm thick for expansive soils, see Section R403.1.8.The specified compressive strength of concrete shall be as set forth in Section R402.2.

Fill under slab - Fine Homebuilding

2006-2-13The VB always goes against the concrete slab. reason if you place concrete on sand or an aggregate, it will wick the moisture out of the concrete and it will crack. The bottom half of concrete layer be dryer than the top which will cure at a different time

Flagstone what to use, sand, cement, or gravel |

2020-7-7But if there is cement between the joints, there just had better be a concrete foundation. I mean it. Sand.well, if you use a really heavy sand you might get away with it. Most of the sands that are packaged for sale however are way too fine. You can use a course sand for under the flagstones, sure.